Ride On (2014) 15min 
Score for short film by Jason Rodriguez
Premier: August 2014
Nominated for Best Original Score 
Project168 Film Competition/Festival

The Truth (2013) 10min 
Score for short film by Jason Rodriguez
Premier: August 2013
Project168 Film Competition/Festival

Lost (2013) 10min 
Score for short film by Jason Rodriguez
Premier: August 2013 
Project168 Film Competition/Festival

Threshold (2012) 35min
Score for short film by Rouzbeh Rakhsha 
Premier: Dec. 14th
Screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner
Cannes Short Film Corner 

Pawn (2008) 
Score for documentary short film 
Finalist in PAH Film Festival (Los Angeles) 
Christopher Coppola Presents: 
PAH Film Festival 

Underground Bounty Hunter (2007) 
Music for online Film/Video Game/Social Network 
A cutting edge, interactive, live action, "CinemaVenture" internet game. It consists of a ten part episodic series combining the life-like excitement of a full length feature film, with the principals of a problem solving and action packed video gaming. Created by studio writer and producer, whose credits include Big Momma's House 1 & 2, Black Knight, Soldier Boyz and Rat Race. 


Portraits Primordus (2011) 10min 
Quartet for Bass Clarinet, Tenor Trombone, Viola and Cello 

Motions for Tenor Sax (2011) 7min
Solo piece for Tenor Saxophone 

Collisions (2010) 5min, (rev. 2011) 8min 
For Pierrot Ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, prepared piano) 
Performance: Dec. 6th, 2010. Hertz Hall, Berkeley, CA 
Garrett Wellenstein, Conductor; Kelly Jenkins, Flute; Trent Severson, Clarinet; Jane Kim, Violin; Brady Anderson, Cello; Melody hung, Prepared Piano. 

Singularity (2010) 6min 
For Solo Accordion 

Graphiti (2010 rev. ----) 4min 
For Solo Bass Clarinet 

Abstractions (2010) 3min 
For Solo Piano 

Sub-Structures (2010) 4min 
For Solo Violin 

Caverns (2009) 6min 
For Solo Alto Saxophone and Electronic Manipulations 

The Witch of EnDor - [Text: I Samuel 28:6-13] (2008) 6min 
For Piano and Tenor Voice